Anueunue (Rainbow) waterfall necklace
Anueunue (Rainbow) waterfall necklace

Anueunue (Rainbow) waterfall necklace

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An array of delicate gemstones add a subtle burst of color to any day or nighttime ensemble. This piece recreates the rainbow like you’ve never seen it before, brought to life by a string of sapphire, carnelian, blue topaz, purple amethyst, pink tourmaline, garnet, citrine, ruby, kyanite, and peridot.

Inspired by the Hawaiian rainbow goddess Anuenue, this collection is a vibrant tribute to the celestial path bridging the clouds and the earth. Delicate, colorful pieces reflect the full spectrum of the rainbow, adding an ethereal touch of femininity to any look.

  • 18" necklace on 14K gold filled chain